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mouthguy is the mascot of the HANKZONE. they are an untamed beast of a mild-mannered disposition made of some strange felt material.

do not approach for any reason. they possess three very dangerous mouths.


hank enjoys small and humble pastimes including drawing irreverent and evidently insane scrawlings, playing virtual fantasies called "games", and also watching movies sometimes i guess but not really.

as of current, their main interests include western alt, indie and underground comics, as well as webcomics.

they also like music. their favorite artists are mac demarco, mild high club, and king gizzard and the lizard wizard.

about me

hank was born on an island in the middle of nowhere with plans of world domination.

created with nothing but a little swag and a dream, every day is a miracle to them.

also they use any pronouns and dont really care whatever with way : )

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